3 Reasons To Consider Installing A Radiant Heating System

Radiant heating systems are extremely popular alternatives to traditional forced-air heating systems, mostly because of the many advantages that radiant heating offers. A radiant heating systems differs from a forced-air system in that it does not utilize a furnace, but rather uses pipes and panels within your walls and floors to heat your home. Energy efficiency, low maintenance, and better air quality are just some of the reasons to buy a radiant system.

Better Air Quality

One of the biggest issues with a forced-air system is that it can cause the quality of the air in your home to degrade. This is because a forced-air system draws in air and heats it up before spreading it throughout your home, and it can draw in dust and allergens while drawing in the air. In addition, dust and allergens can build up in your ducts, which will then be blown throughout the house when the heat turns on. 

However, none of these issues will arise with a radiant heating system. This is because the radiant system does not blow air throughout your home and does not utilize a duct system.

Energy Efficiency

Another reason to consider going with radiant heat is that it is typically going to be more efficient than a forced-air system. This is mostly because a radiant system will be divided into heating zones. For example, these zones can be set up to only warm certain rooms of your house during certain times of the day, such as warming the bedrooms at night only.

With a forced-air option, the furnace will typically attempt to heat every room at once. This can be a big waste of energy and money because the heating system will be trying to warm empty rooms in addition to the rooms that are currently being used.


The maintenance on a radiant heating system is quite simple to perform, mostly because you only need to worry about keeping the boiler system from freezing. This is not that difficult, because the boiler is typically only at risk of freezing if the system has been left completely off for several consecutive days with freezing temperatures, which is very unlikely. With a forced-air system, you will have to worry about cleaning ducts and furnace filters on a regular basis.

Speak to an HVAC contractor today in order to discuss the many reasons to select radiant heating. A radiant heating system is ideal if you want an energy efficient, low maintenance, and healthy alternative to forced-air. 

If you have more questions about heating systems or heating and air conditioning repair, speak to a local contractor.