4 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your New Central Air System

If you've just invested thousands of dollars in the installation of a new central air system, you may be concerned about its maintenance. A good central air system should last anywhere from twenty to thirty years -- as long as it is properly maintained and repaired.

1. Use Better Filters In Your Central Air System

It's not always enough to just replace the filters frequently; you also need to use good filters. There are inexpensive replacement filters for central air systems that don't catch much dust at all. Find a filter that has a very thin mesh with very tight spacing, as opposed to a mesh that is see through or has very wide mesh. In addition to using better filters, you may want to change your filters more often. As a general rule, if it looks dirty, it's time to replace it.

2. Get Your Vents Cleaned And Keep Them Well-Insulated

Your central air system's vents will determine how hard your central air system needs to work. Clean, well-insulated vents will keep the air at the right temperature and will let the air flow freely. When the vents are blocked, the system will struggle to push the air through. As a result, it will need to produce far more air and far more dramatic temperature changes simply to increase the comfort of your home. For more information about vent cleaning, contact a company like Clean Air Systems Inc.

3. Install A Smart Thermostat Or Smart Control Features

A smart thermostat and smart control features will turn off your central air solution when you don't need to use it. The less your central air system is used, the less wear it will be exposed to. Smart thermostats and smart controls will also improve the overall efficiency of your central air system, reducing the amount of money it will cost to cool your home. 

4. Inspect And Clean The External Unit

Many homeowners entirely forget about the external unit until it starts acting up. After harsh weather, you should clean any debris that has settled around the unit. You should also make sure that brush is cut back from around the unit so that the unit isn't blocked off. If the unit is making any erratic, rattling sounds, you may want to get it checked.

Contact your local HVAC servicing company for more information on the appropriate maintenance of your system. It's always best to get your system checked if you notice anything erratic, as problems can quickly get worse and more expensive if left unresolved.