Mindful Parent: Recognize Exam Stress & Help Fight It With An AC Install

Stress can affect those both young and old. And for your young student, exam time might be a stressful time. The following guide will show you how to recognize stress and will help you deal with mild exam stress by using an AC system.

Signs of Exam Stress

Stress is a defense mechanism, which triggers the brain to produce cortisol. Cortisol is usually referred to as the stress hormone. This hormone is released to help the body deal with a stressful situation. Cortisol elevates blood circulation to increase your energy levels, just in case you need to run away from what is stressing you.

This hormone is helpful in a flight or fight situation, but an exam is not that kind of situation. And your young student's body may exhibit problems related to high cortisol levels.

Watch out for the following symptoms:

  • Lack of sleep due to underused energy from the cortisol production. This could lead to irritability or unexplainable emotional spikes.
  • Hyperactivity, which can be displayed in several ways, including nail-biting or other fidgety behavior.
  • Overused energy and overproduction of cortisol may cloud your child's mind. This may cause absent-mindedness, inability to make decisions, or confusion. These could also be related to your child's lack of sleep.
  • Anxiety or panic attacks could also occur.

Keeping up with your young student's school life can help you decipher if an exam is causing these symptoms. Thankfully, some of these symptoms can be reversed as long as you have a good air conditioning system at home.

How An AC Can Help

You probably thought that an air conditioning system is just there just to keep you warm or cool when you need it. But with the right information, it can help your child deal with stress and his or her exams better.

Optimize Nighttime

Research has noted that cooler temperatures help the body produce melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that induces sleepiness. This should help counteract the hyperactivity that your child might exhibit during his or her exams. Set the temperature to 60 to 67 degrees to encourage better sleep.

Improve Study Time

A study showed that temperature can help a student learn and memorize things better. This should go a long way in helping your child alleviate his or her stress as being confident in his or her knowledge will make the exam less troublesome. Set the temperature to 72 degrees when your child is studying.

Make sure to contact an air conditioning contractor if you notice your air conditioning system is not functioning properly.