It’s Time to Change Your Air Conditioner’s Filter

As all the hot weather wraps up for the year, and you switch from using your air conditioning system to using your heating system, now is the perfect time to change out the filter on your air conditioner. That way, when the first hot day sneaks around next year, you won't have to worry about changing your filter because you already took care of it! Changing out your filter at the end of the hot weather season is one of the best and easiest ways to take care of your air conditioning unit.

Locate the Filter Compartment

The first thing you need to do is find the filter compartment on your furnace. Generally, the filter compartment is labeled. It is also generally covered up with a sheet of metal that you can slide back and forth. If you can't find the filter compartment, consult your owner's manual.

Once you find the filter compartment, remove the sheet of metal that is in front of it. Then, look at the sides of the filter that is already in place to determine what size replacement filter you need to purchase. Then, slide the metal sheet back into place until you purchase a replacement filter.

Purchase a Replacement Filter

Using the measurements you wrote down, purchase a replacement filter. If you live somewhere that is really warm and dusty, you may want to purchase a high-efficiency filter that is capable of capturing tiny dust particles and keeping them out of the air in your home.

If anyone in your house suffers specifically from allergies, you may want to purchase a HEPA filter. These filters are specifically designed to kill bacteria that can trigger allergies. They also are great at keeping even the tiniest particles out of your house.

Replace the Old Filter

Once you have purchased a new filter, go back to your furnace and remove the metal sheet. Before you pull out the old filter, pay attention to the air flow marks. You'll want the new filter to go in the same way the old filter was. If it helps, you can take a marker and mark the correct side that should face forward on your new filter before you pull the old filter out.

The filter should be easy to remove if you just grab on it and pull. Then, take the new filter and slide it into place. Make doubly sure that it is facing the correct direction, then put the metal sheet back in place.

You can dispose of your old filter in your trash can. When you need your air conditioning next spring, you'll be able to turn it on without worrying about the quality of air that will come through it. If you have any further questions about your air conditioning system or if you need a repair, contact a service like Super Cool Heating & Air.