How To Repair Your Evaporator

Many people think that the only way to fix their AC or heater is to call an HVAC professional. While there are a lot of possible technical issues that should only be fixed by professionals, there are a few simple things that you can do to increase the functionality of your HVAC system. This article explains a couple of easy DIY HVAC repair jobs that could dramatically increase the airflow and improve the air quality in your home. Cleaning the evaporator is one of the easiest, yet most vital, maintenance tasks for good HVAC maintenance. It could also end up reducing your electricity bills.

Finding the Evaporator

Finding the evaporator can be tricky if you don't know what to look for. The evaporator is not always in the same place in different units. In most systems the evaporator is in a separate box attached to the furnace cabinet. This box is usually very easy to open up because it has a hinged door or removable access panel. Most evaporators for residential homes are a little bigger than a shoe box. Once you open up the compartment you should be able to easily see the evaporator. It is an A-shaped metal device that has aluminum fins on the outside walls with copper coils coming out.

Cleaning the Evaporator

The aluminum fins on the outer edges of the evaporator are the most vulnerable when it comes to dust, mold, or debris build up. If the evaporator is not working properly, there is a good chance that there could be moisture in the box. The usual result is that dust floats in and gets stuck. This is a common problem, especially if your evaporator is located in a dusty room. This is often the case since furnaces are often in garages, basements, and storage rooms.

The best way to clean off your evaporator is with a vacuum. Since the space is confined, you will usually need a hose vacuum with a narrow attachment to fit inside. You can also try to wipe it down with a rag, but this can actually push dirt into the space between the fins, causing further problems. You need to be careful when working around the fins because they are delicate and easily bendable.

You should clean out the whole evaporator compartment before you close it back up. It is a good idea to clean your evaporator every year or so to ensure maximum efficiency. For more information, contact local professionals like Cape Fear Air Conditioning & Heating Co., Inc.