Four Tips For Upgrading Your Air Conditioning Unit

As a homeowner is looking to replace their air conditioning system, it is important to have a solid understanding of this project. Yet, many homeowners will simply lack experience with having a new air conditioner installed. This makes knowing about some basic considerations beneficial to those in the early stages of making this upgrade.

Have The Home's Cooling Needs Professionally Calculated

For those without much experience with having air conditioning systems installed, it can be exceedingly difficult to accurately estimate the cooling needs of the house; this is particularly true for homeowners with older homes that may not have as much insulation in them. Before you commit to buying a particular unit, you should have an air conditioning contractor evaluate your home so that they can prepare a formal estimate of the home's cooling needs. The information they give you should help you with knowing which air conditioning units will be sufficient for your home.

Determine Whether The Ducting Will Be Able To Accommodate The New System

If you have opted to purchase a new air conditioning system that is larger and more powerful than your previous, it will be necessary to have the ducting evaluated by an air conditioning installation service. The more powerful air conditioning unit will be of little use if the ducting is too small to allow the air to move through it. While upgrading the ducting can add to the cost of making this upgrade, it may be the only option for getting the best performance from your new air conditioning system.

Invest In Extended Warranty Protection

Your new air conditioning unit will present an important and expensive upgrade to your home. When this system suffers problems, it will also be fairly expensive to have it repaired. Many manufacturers sell extended warranties to their customers. These warranties will cover you if the new air conditioning unit suffers a variety of problems. In addition to the extended warranty from the manufacturer, many retailers also carry enhanced warranty protection for their customers. Considering the sizable costs of repairing an air conditioning system, one of these warranties can quickly pay for itself.  

Regularly Inspect The System

It is common for homeowners to simply forget about their air conditioning unit. Yet, these systems need to be regularly inspected. Otherwise, the unit could experience significant issues that you may not notice until the system suffers a malfunction or significant performance deterioration. Every couple of months, the unit should be visually inspected to look for signs of rust because is a problem that will require professional help to repair before it can cause major harm to the moving parts of the system. During this inspection, you may want to take a few moments to clear the vents of any leaves or sticks because this could block the airflow.