Removing odors from your home

It requires constant maintenance to keep up the quality of your interior air and reduce odors. There are many things that you could do that could help to eliminate odors inside your home. Obviously, good HVAC ventilation and filtering is one of the most important things. This article explains three helpful easy ways to reduce odors inside your home.

Cleaning the Fabrics and Soft Surfaces Inside Your Home

Cleaning your interior regularly is obviously the first place to start. However, focusing on soft surfaces and fabrics is going to be the most helpful when it comes to odors. Odors get trapped in fabrics and soft surfaces like couch cushions. For instance, if your carpet smells, it could be trapped in the actual carpet fibers and the soft carpet pad underneath. So, your couch, drapes, seat cushions, rugs, and similar surfaces could be where most of the harsh odors are being held. If you have rugs that can be taken out of your home and cleaned thoroughly, whether you do it yourself or have it handled professionally, this will definitely help with odors. Simply vacuuming your carpets and rugs isn't going to do much to eliminate odors.

Open Your Windows

You can't discount the importance of fresh air when it comes to reducing odors in your home. Simply opening your windows for a few minutes a day can be extremely helpful. Obviously, some people keep all of the windows and doors closed at all times because they're using their heat or air conditioning to control the temperature inside their home. But, you should give your home a break every once a while and let some fresh air flow in, even if it's just for a few minutes every couple of days.

Ultimately, your HVAC system should also help with odor elimination. An HVAC system filters and ventilates your home, pumping fresh air in, and pulling stale air out. But, this obviously doesn't happen if your system is not cleaned and maintained properly. If your filter is not replaced on time, it will not do it's job. Not only should you replace your filter on time, according to the lifespan that is stated on the product label, but you should also make sure that your ducts are clean. You could have a professional clean the air ducts once a year, and it should definitely increase the productivity of your ventilation system. Contact a service, like Advanced Air Quality Services, for more help.