Controlling The HVAC

Heating and cooling your home is an important part of enjoying your home the way it should be. When you walk through that front door and close it behind you, the home should offer you a cozy and safe place all your own where you shut out the uncomfortable weather outside and get to enjoy inside temperatures that help you to fully relax. There are many things you can and should be doing with regards to the HVAC system in your home that will help you to prevent issues that can lead to the need for repairs, and that can result in you needing to put out more money each month than you need. Here are some of the many things you should be doing with your system to ensure the best results at the best cost.

Rely more on your main HVAC system

When you have an HVAC system in your home, you should be counting on it to provide everyone in the house with more comfortable temperatures and use portable units as little as possible. Not only do the portable units only work for small areas, but they also increase your monthly heating and cooling bills. Plus, they should not be left on while they are unattended or even while you are asleep because they can increase the chances of a fire.

Understand when to close off rooms and when not to

Know your HVAC system and recognize when to shut off unused rooms and when to keep them open. For example, with central heat and/or air, you want all registers open and all rooms open. However, if you use a fireplace, wood burning stove or separate room units, then you can see better results by shutting off any and all unused rooms, so you won't be wasting money heating or cooling rooms that don't need it. Plus, only heating used rooms helps keep a more comfortable temperature in the used areas.

Check on all settings

When the time comes to start using the heater or the AC for the first time of the season, make sure you check on all the settings and components to verify that everything should work properly. If there is an issue that comes up after everything has been checked, then you will know to put a call out to an HVAC company to have the unit gone over and fixed. Some of the settings and components to check include the settings and desired temperature on the wall thermostat, checking the pilot light, check the filters, check the registers for obstructions, check the fuses, check the cords, etc.

Find a comfortable temperature

Finding a comfortable temperature can be harder than it sounds. If you have the unit set just one degree too cold, everyone can be uncomfortable and hiding under blankets. If you have the temperature set one degree too high, everyone can be miserable and sweating. Once you find the right temperature, write it down, so you can refer to it should someone end up changing it on you. 

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