4 Ideas To Add Cooling To Your Home If You Have Radiant Heating And No AC

If you have a radiant heating system to keep you warm in winter, the summer months can be miserable without an AC. There are many options that you may want to consider to make your home more comfortable during the hot months with cooling systems that do not require the complete installation of a conventional forced-air AC. Some of these options include radiant cooling, evaporative combo systems, or compact AC solutions with ductless or compact duct systems. The following are some of the options that you may want to consider if you want to add AC to your home and you have radiant heating but no cooling.

1. Radiant Cooling Solutions That Can Take Advantage of Existing Radiant Heating

Radiant energy can also be used to cool your home with the existing radiators or in-floor heating that you have installed in your home. This is done by circulating cooled fluids through the radiant heating, which then removes the radiant heat from your home to help keep it cool during the hot summer months.

2. Compact Duct Systems That Do Not Require Major Renovations for Central AC Installation

Compact duct systems are an option that you may want to consider for adding air conditioning to your home without doing major renovations. These systems use ducts that have smaller diameters so that they can easily be installed in wall cavities and existing space without the need to make changes to add ductwork. The high velocity of the air delivery of compact ducts also makes these systems more efficient than conventional air conditioning designs with larger ducts.

3. Ductless AC Solutions That Are Ideal for Small Homes and Adding Cooling to Smaller Spaces

Today, the technology of ductless air conditioning has made great advancements that can be used to provide your home with efficient air conditioning without the need to spend money on installing extensive ductwork. In addition, there are options for mini-split systems to add air conditioning to different areas of your home. These systems work best for smaller homes and small spaces like garages or porch enclosures.

4. Evaporative Cooling Options and Combo Systems for Areas with Drier Summer Weather

Even if you live in an area with cold, wet winters, the summer months may be exactly the opposite, which is perfect for evaporative cooling systems or swamp coolers. These systems use the evaporation of water to provide your home with the cooling it needs. In addition, there are also combination systems, which use both evaporative cooling and conventional AC to provide cooling according to the environmental conditions outside of your home.

These are some of the options that you may want to consider when adding cooling to your home if you have radiant heating and no AC. If you are ready to end the miserable summer heat, contact an AC installation company like Extreme Climates and talk to them about some of the options for your home.