Keeping Your Air Conditioning From Freezing Up

Air conditioners that are not maintained properly can start to have system issues, and one of those issues involves the condenser coil inside the air conditioner. The coil can freeze while the air conditioner is running and if it does, the unit will not cool the air passing through it. How can you avoid air conditioner freeze ups? There are some simple things you can do that can help lessen the chance of your AC unit freezing up.

Clean the Air Filters

One of the most common reasons the AC unit freezes is a lack of good airflow over the coil. The cooling coil will go too cold if there is no warm air passing over it and the water that condenses on it will freeze as a result. Once the coil is frozen, the simple solution is to turn the air conditioner off and let it warm up enough to thaw out, but that can take several days on a large ac unit.

Change the air filters in the system regularly so that the air can flow through the cooling coil and maintain that balanced temperature inside the air conditioning unit. If you are not sure which filters need changing in your AC unit, you can call an air conditioning company and have them service the unit for you. While they are there, have them show you what filters you should be checking to keep the air flowing and the ac from freezing. 

Drainage Problems

Another cause of freeze-ups in your AC unit is a lack of proper drainage. Air conditioners condense water vapor, and the water that is a result of that process needs to drain away from the coil and air conditioner through a drainpipe on the unit.

If the drain is blocked, the water will not drain properly and the coil will freeze. If the air runs constantly and is not getting cold, the coil may very well be frozen, so it is a good idea to check the air conditioning unit for problems. 

Check the drain pipe for obstructions as well, because draining the water and thawing the system but not clearing the drain is going to result in the water backing up again and the system freezing. Large units outside your home require the intervention of a professional if they freeze, unless you are specifically trained in air conditioner work.

A technician will open the unit, thaw the coil out, and clear the drains for you. Once complete, you need to maintain the system to keep the ac from freezing again.  Contact an air conditioning repair service for more help.