HVAC Servicing Is Crucial

For the most part, you will be able to maintain your central air conditioning system on your own. Luckily, there isn't much at all to the regular maintenance a homeowner should be doing. Your job will be to maintain a clean air filter in the unit and to pay attention to how it's running. The air filter will always be easy to locate. It will be behind the large vent that is generally located in a central part of the home, such as in the main hallway, and it will likely be on the ceiling but can be on the wall in some instances. Your other job will be to make sure you have the system properly serviced by professionals and repaired as needed. Here is more info on servicing and maintenance.

What servicing involves

Your HVAC system will likely sit unused for a portion of the year when the weather is nice. When the weather changes, you are going to want to begin using the system. However, since it has been unused for a long time, a lot of things could have happened that can bring upon the need for repairs. It's best for you to have someone come out to make sure when the unit starts up for the first time of the season that there isn't anything going on, such as a leak or loose parts. If so, then they will catch the issue right then and be able to fix it. Here are some of the types of problems that can be spotted in the system when it is turned on for the first time of the season:

  • Pests have made a nest in the compressor
  • Pests have chewed belts or hoses in the system
  • Old parts have become worn or broken
  • A part has become loose or is broken
  • A belt has become worn or is broken
  • A leak has developed in the system
  • There is a leak in the ductwork
  • There is something in the ductwork
  • There is an electrical issue with the system
  • The thermostat is broken

Why ignoring repairs isn't an option

Repair issues can be found either during the servicing or when you are noticing that something isn't right with the unit. You may hear sounds or notice changes in the way in which the system is operating. A technician can troubleshoot, find the problem, and repair the system. Even something very small that is happening should never be ignored, and the technician will tell you this. Just like with your car, one problem will put more stress on something else and the problem will spread, or a problem will halt all other operations. While you may hear an annoying sound and figure you can try to ignore it, the system is telling you there is a problem and you really should listen and act accordingly.

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