What To Look For When Choosing A Commercial Plumber

If you run a business, you need to know who to call when a waterline breaks or a toilet overflows. You don't want to wait until there's an emergency to find the best commercial plumber in town but should instead search for a plumber before something happens. Here's what to look for as you determine what commercial plumber your business will rely on.

Licensed and Insured

At a minimum, the plumber that you choose to use should be both licensed and insured. Nearly all states require plumbers to be licensed, for a mistake made when working on waterlines can cause extensive damage and possibly put people at risk. Licensure guarantees that a plumber has at least a sufficient understanding of waterworks, and it ensures that the plumber can legally provide services in your state.

A plumber's insurance policy protects them, but it also can provide your business with some protection too. Should a plumber or their employee be injured while performing work for your business, they might file a liability lawsuit against your business if the plumber doesn't have their own insurance. If the plumber is insured, they'll likely file a claim against their policy instead.

To make sure a plumber is insured, ask to see their certificate of insurance. This is a standard insurance document that businesses use to show others that they're properly insured.

Full Range of Plumbing Services

Also, confirm that the plumber you hire provides all of the plumbing services that your business might need. This usually isn't an issue for individuals who call a residential plumber, but some businesses that have large facilities or specialized equipment might find that not all plumbers offer the services they need.

For example, a ski resort that uses water to make snow will have large pipes that transport great amounts of water up the mountain. Such a resort will need to find a plumber who has equipment big enough to work on these oversized pipes if there's a problem with them. Many businesses may have particular needs akin to this.

Service Area Covering All Locations

Finally, make sure the plumber you decide to hire has a service area that covers all of your business' locations. Having a single plumber or company that'll service all of your business' locations streamlines the process of calling someone during and handling the bills after a plumbing emergency.

If your business has only one office or store, you'll have no problem finding a plumber that services your location. If the business maintains multiple facilities, you might need a large plumbing company that has an expansive service area.