When Renovations Impact Comfort: Reasons to Consider a Mini-Split

Well-planned renovations are a great way to get more from existing living spaces or claim new ones, such as when an unfinished attic or basement area becomes a much-needed guest room, home office, or game room. But even the most carefully planned renovation projects can sometimes homeowners facing an unexpected issue. One such issue is when the home's existing HVAC system cannot comfortably heat and cool the newly finished space. 

In the past, homeowners were often forced to install a second full-sized HVAC unit and incur the cost of extending the existing ducts to the new space. With the development of mini-split systems, however, renovating homeowners have a much more affordable option available to them for comforting these spaces. If you have recently renovated or are planning to do so soon, read on to learn more about how a ductless mini-split heating and cooling system might benefit your renovation project.

1. Fast installation

While the lower cost is sure to be one of the most popular benefits of opting to use a mini-split system, another equally attractive one is the ease and speed of installation. In fact, most mini-split systems require no major changes in the structure of the residence. Instead, only a small opening in the exterior wall is needed for the refrigerant lines to pass through. 

The compact interior component of the mini-split system can be mounted high on the wall or in the ceiling of the home, where it will not impact the space or layout of the room.  The accompanying exterior component is also small in size and is typically mounted on special supports on the side of the house or placed on a ground-level pad of concrete.

The ductless design of the mini-split system makes installation much faster and easier than standard HVAC systems. Some models even ship from the manufacturer with pre-charged coolant supply lines, further simplifying the installation process. 

Efficient operation 

Another noteworthy benefit of installing a mini-split system to heat and cool newly finished living spaces is the efficiency it offers. This is to the fact that they transfer existing heat instead of using energy to generate it. In fact, using one of these systems may result in as much as 60 percent savings for heating and 30 percent savings for cooling. 

If you are currently faced with a renovation issue that has impacted your home's interior comfort level, now is the perfect time to ask a heating contractor about the benefits of a mini-split system for your family's home.