3 Signs That You Need Heating Services

The heater that you use to warm the inside of your home might be experiencing problems that should be addressed by professional HVAC contractors. Signs that your unit is malfunctioning may not be so obvious, and it is important to check your heater regularly so that it continues to function at its best. Addressing even minor problems as soon as possible can save you from having to endure future costly repairs. In addition to a lack of warm air, you should be aware of some of the other signs that indicate the need for heating services.

Unusual Odors

Strange or unpleasant smells that come from your heater can be signs of a problem. Your unit may be working too hard and overheating if you notice an electrical smell, and this can also increase the risk of fire danger. A gas leak could be to blame if your heater runs on gas and is emitting an odor that smells like gas or rotten eggs. Moldy smells sometimes come from heaters that have dirty vents that need to be cleaned. It should be noted that an odor of burning dust might be present if you are just turning on your heater for the cold season after having the unit off for several months, and this smell is generally harmless.

Strange Noises

Your heater should run quietly with only a sound of air rushing out of it, and any other noises coming from your unit should be investigated for problems. Any scraping or screeching noises could indicate that your unit has old or faulty parts that should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. The occasional noises that sound like popping or banging are usually not too worrisome, but a problem with the unit's combustion may be the cause if you hear the sounds more frequently.

Increased Utility Costs

Utility costs are often higher when the heater is being used frequently during the winter, but any unusual cost spikes could mean that the heater is working harder than it should. When certain heating components become damaged or too old to function properly, other parts of the unit may start working harder to try to compensate. Having the faulty parts repaired or replaced will allow the heater to work with less exertion, which will likely decrease your utility costs significantly.

Addressing these problems can help keep your heater running smoothly and efficiently throughout the cold season. Hiring the right HVAC contractors to inspect your unit and resolve any issues.