Furnace System Repair: Never Ignore These 3 Signs

Investing in a furnace is certainly worth the money. Besides warming up your home during cold weather, this is an appliance that enhances air quality. That's because most of them are compatible with dehumidifiers, air purification systems, and filtration systems, providing sufficient air conditioning all at once.   

An excellent way of increasing your furnace's lifespan is to know when it develops a problem. That way, you will be able to call in a professional furnace system repair company immediately and prevent substantial damage. With that said, here are warning signs that you must never overlook.

1. Strange Noises

Though your furnace doesn't operate in pin-drop silence, there's undoubtedly an underlying issue when it starts producing all manner of weird noises. Never ignore grinding sounds since this suggests that the motor's bearings need lubrication. Screeching also indicates a loose belt somewhere, while bumping sounds tell you that the blower's wheel is unbalanced.

The truth is that you are bound to hear many other sounds when something is wrong. Investing in furnace system repair services is a sure-fire way of fixing the problem without making any guesswork.

2. Lukewarm Air

Whenever it gets cold, all you need to do is adjust the thermostat to get more heat. If that doesn't work, it means that the furnace's air filter is most likely dirty. This might seem like a minor issue, but it does restrict airflow. With time, the heat exchanger might start shutting off every so often due to overheating problems.

Leaking ducts can also make your furnace produce lukewarm air. This results from exterior cold air entering the ducts, thus cooling the already warmed-up air.  Likewise, a problem with the flame sensor can inhibit burner ignition.

Fortunately, a furnace system repair expert knows how to fix all these issues. For example, duct sealing will go a long way in ensuring that exterior air doesn't find its way into the ductwork.

3. Increased Energy Costs

If your energy costs seem to have increased lately, your furnace might be the culprit. Note that issues such as duct leaks and dirty air filters can reduce efficiency. As a result, the furnace works harder to compensate for the loss, leading to higher energy costs. That's why you need to schedule regular furnace maintenance to avoid paying high utility bills.

From strange noises to lukewarm air and increased energy costs, there are several ways of telling when all is not well with your furnace. Don't forget that the best solution is to contact a furnace system repair professional lest the situation worsens.