Common Thermostat Problems You Should Watch Out For

A thermostat is a small object in your AC, which is why many homeowners disregard its importance. It's the device used to send instructions to the blower fan and air conditioner. A small malfunction of the thermostat can cause multiple issues with your AC. In some cases, air-conditioning repair focuses on the thermostat. Here are some common thermostat problems.


Miscalibration of your thermostat can cause short cycling. This is when your air conditioner's cooling cycle is interrupted. The AC's compressor starts working but suddenly goes off because the thermostat has wrongly determined it has reached the right temperature. When the compressor goes off, it turns back on again, beginning the cooling cycle afresh.

Short cycling presents a problem to your AC because it stresses the compressor. The start-stop action can cause your compressor to fail. This means you'll have to replace the compressor, which is very expensive. Short cycling also causes the motors to burn out. The moment you notice this behavior, call an air conditioner repair service before the compressor and motors are affected.

Incorrect Room Temperature

An accumulation of grime can lead to differences between the actual room temperature and the thermostat setting. A bad installation job will leave the thermostat off-kilter. This is one of the reasons for temperature inconsistencies. An AC repair professional can resolve this problem by adjusting the thermostat level.

If the thermostat is placed in a bad location, it will not regulate temperature properly. This could also cause temperature discrepancies. Also, a stuck heat anticipator can affect the thermostat settings. An air conditioner repair service can help you find the ideal location for the thermostat and fix the heat anticipator problem.

Power Issues

The AC's thermostat can malfunction because of issues with the power supply. One way to resolve this issue on your own is to change its batteries. If you change the batteries and you're still having problems with the power supply, check for damaged or loose wiring at the switches. Faulty wiring can lead to power issues. 

The problem could also be with the electrical panel. If the electrical panel is causing the problem, it may have to be replaced. Because the AC wiring and electrical panel have high voltage wires, it's best to call an air conditioner repair professional to fix them.

In Conclusion

The thermostat is a small component in your AC, but it can have significant effects on the unit's overall performance. One of the main culprits of a malfunctioning AC unit is the thermostat. If you notice any awkward behavior with your AC's thermostat, you should consult an AC repair expert before the problem gets out of hand.