New Heating System Being Installed In Your Home? What You Can Expect

If you are going to be getting a new furnace installed in your home, you may be wondering what all of this entails and what to expect during and after the process. An expert team from your HVAC company will be at your home to discuss the ins and outs of what is going to be done and anything that you may need to do before they arrive at your home. Read on for a few things you can expect if you will be having a new furnace installed and what you may need to do on your part.

What You Need To Do

You should have the area around where your furnace is located clear and free of items that could potentially be in the way, or cause harm to the installers that will be coming in and out of your home. You need to have at least 4 feet of clearance around the area if possible, so remove belongings and storage items you may have in the area, as well as any furniture that could be in the way leading to the furnace area. Keep a clear path to prevent damage to your belongings as well. You should also always have at least 2 feet of clearance around your furnace, so if you use the area for storage, keep this in mind, as it could be a fire hazard when you run your furnace. Since you will have installers coming and going from your home, if possible, lay down some plastic or non-slip rugs for them to walk across to prevent dirt and other debris from getting into your home.

What You Can Expect

The furnace installers will be turning the power and gas off to the old furnace, then will remove the gas pipe leading to the old furnace, as well as disconnect the power wires. They will haul out the old furnace and remove it from your home for you. Then they will bring in the new furnace and run the gas lines to it, and connect the wiring for power to the unit and power to your thermostat. A furnace installation time ranges depending on what all they have to do and whether or not it was an upgraded unit, or if anything else has been added in addition to a new furnace.

If you are going to have a new furnace installed in your home, talk to the residential heating service ahead of time to discuss what you need to do prior to the job getting done and what to expect during the process.