4 Common Refrigerator Problems That Demand Expert Repairs

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), refrigeration is vital in keeping food safe and fresh since it slows down bacterial growth. And most bacteria cause illnesses. Therefore, by inhibiting their growth, refrigerators help you stay healthy. Besides, refrigeration equipment is essential in keeping foods and drinks cool, which is indispensable in hot seasons like summer. Unfortunately, these appliances often break down and fail to preserve food and beverages effectively. Some of the signs that tell you a refrigerator is faulty and needs repairs are discussed below.

1. Water leaks

Most refrigerators have a water line that you can use to make ice in the appliance. In most cases, these components run from kitchen faucets to the fridge. If your device is leaking water, your water supply line may be the cause. Water may also leak out of a refrigerator when the defrost drain is blocked, or the drain pan is damaged. In addition, if your equipment sits on an uneven surface, the coolant can't flow properly, causing condensation and the formation of puddles underneath it. Evidently, the causes of leaks in refrigerators are numerous. Therefore, it's advisable to call in a technician to troubleshoot, isolate the cause of the leak, and fix it.

2. Ice buildup

Although your appliance's freezer compartment is ideal for storing ice, it shouldn't encourage excessive ice buildup. When that happens, you should be concerned. One of the reasons that can occur is when your appliance relies on a faulty door seal. The seal is responsible for keeping out air from the outside. Ice buildups are imminent when this component is damaged and lets in outside air. Other issues that lead to this problem in refrigerators include loose door hinges, clogged vents interfering with air circulation, and a blocked freezer drain. Either way, hire a refrigerator repair expert as soon as you notice ice buildup to avoid total appliance failure and aggravated damage.

3. Constant cycling

Typical refrigerators go through specific cycles. These facilitate cooling by turning on the compressor and pushing air into the appliance. That is essential because each time you open your fridge's door, the air inside becomes warmer and needs to be cooled. Although refrigerators come with different recommended cycles, the average for most is approximately 30 minutes when the doors remain closed. If your appliance runs or cycles non-stop, it probably has a problem, and you need to find professional repair services; otherwise, your energy bills will spike over time.   

4. Abnormal noises

Modern refrigerators operate almost silently. Therefore you should let a skilled appliance repair technician check yours out for prevalent problems that produce loud humming. Loud, strange noises coming from your appliance may result from a loose drain pan or a faulty evaporator. Other components that lead to a noisy fridge when damaged include the condenser fan, defrost timer and compressor. Either way, fixing noise issues in these pieces of equipment is crucial since they cause discomfort.

For more information on appliance repair, contact a repair technician.