What A Home Energy Audit Can Tell You About Your Home

Home energy audits are an option many power companies are now offering. This audit looks for various issues your home energy may experience. The audit takes time to look at all the components that play into your energy efficiency. If any of the components break down or are not working, it can affect your energy savings and costs. If you have never requested a home energy audit, here are some key points it can tell you about your home. 

Door and Window Leaks

Doors and windows are the first points of contact during a home energy audit. The reason is because they open and close the most often. Seals around the doors and windows may begin to break down causing energy leaks as well. Your HVAC contractor will check for air leaks around the doorways and windows. They will also check the seals around both areas. If any leaks or damage are found, you can upgrade these issues to help reduce your energy loss. 

Insulation Integrity

Insulation in your attic can have a direct effect on maintaining your energy. If the insulation does not fill out the attic space, you can have pockets of energy loss. If the insulation is too old and thin, you could be facing the issue of rising temperatures in the attic. This can be difficult for your HVAC system to keep up with. Your home energy audit will reflect the loss of energy and the overworked system.

Ventilation Check

Ventilation is another issue that appears in a home energy audit. Your roofing ventilation is vital in maintaining the energy of the room. When the ventilation system isn't circulating the air, a dip in energy happens. Ventilation cools the air entering the attic in the summer or removes the cold air during the winter. If it is broken, you may notice a dip in energy. You may also notice a higher power bill as well. This can be due to your ventilation system no longer spinning and drawing out the air. When this happens your HVAC system works overtime to maintain temperature. Home energy audits locate the issue and narrow it down to ventilation.

These are a few of the key points a home energy audit can tell you about your home. If you are having issues with home energy loss, schedule an audit. The audit produces results about the cause of your energy issus. They can also give you ideas on how to fix the issues you are having.

For more information on a home energy audit, contact a company near you.