Issues That Could Impact Your AC System’s Performance

There are many repairs that a homeowner will have to oversee during the time that they live in their house. However, problems with the AC unit can be especially troubling due to the fact that this could rapidly cause the home's interior to become extremely hot. 

Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant leak in your AC unit will be able to severely impair its performance as this can directly reduce the overall cooling ability of the system. Unfortunately, finding where a refrigerant leak is occurring can be very difficult as it may be extremely small. In order to locate where the refrigerant is leaking from, the most reliable option for locating this leak will be to pressurize the entire system as this will lead to the leak being far more noticeable. A professional AC repair service will have tools that make it easy to safely pressurize the system so that leaks can be found without causing significant damage to it. Once found, this leak should be immediately patched to both restore the unit's performance and limit the risk of the refrigerant contaminating the soil near the system.

Faulty Thermostats

If your AC system's thermostat is starting to experience performance problems, it could impact the entire system. Unfortunately, homeowners may overlook this issue when their unit is starting to experience problems. When your unit is starting to experience performance issues that are impairing its ability to cool the home, assessing the thermostat should be one of the first steps that you take. In particular, you will want to make sure that the temperature reading of the thermostat is accurate. Placing a thermometer near the thermostat can be a simple way of testing to see if a calibration issue is preventing it from working.

Belt Failures

Many central air conditioning systems will use a blower that is belt-driven to circulate the cool air in the home. Unfortunately, this belt can suffer major wear and tear over the years. Eventually, this could result in the belt breaking. If this occurs, the unit may instantly lose the ability to distribute cool air in the home. While replacing an AC unit's belt is not an expensive repair for your unit, it should be completed by a professional due to the difficulties of placing the belt on the moving components and ensuring that it is properly aligned. Failing to do this during the installation could increase the risk of the belt failing more quickly or experiencing other performance issues.

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