Things To Discuss With Your Contractor After Getting A New HVAC System Installed

If you're planning to get a new HVAC system soon, the contractor who installs the equipment will be a good source of information about how to operate and care for your equipment. You'll want an owner's manual, too, so you can refer to it in the coming years for information on troubleshooting and care. Here are some things you might want to ask the HVAC contractor after they install your new equipment.

Where To Locate And How To Change The Filter

Changing the filter is one of the most important maintenance steps you can take. Your contractor can advise you on the type of filter to buy and how often to put a new one in. Changing a filter is easy, but if you don't know how, be sure to ask. When you put a new filter in, you may want to write the date on it so you are sure to change it on time.

Where The Reset Button Is And When To Use It

Sometimes when there is a power failure, a furnace won't start back up when the power comes on. To get your furnace started, you may need to press a reset button. Ask the HVAC contractor where the reset button is located and how to use it. Knowing how to reset your furnace or AC could save you from paying for a service call if the only thing wrong is a tripped reset button.

What You Should Do To Maintain The Condenser

Your condenser may need frequent cleaning if the area around your home is dusty or if you have trees in your yard that shed fluff or needles that get inside the condenser. An HVAC maintenance technician will clean the parts that need it during an annual service call, but you might need to hose out the cage before summer is over.

The contractor can explain how to shut down the power to your system so you can hose out the fins safely. They'll explain the things you can do and the things you should let a trained technician do to keep your equipment clean and functional.

When To Call For HVAC Repairs

Your new equipment shouldn't need repairs for a while, but it's good to know the signs that your HVAC could be in trouble. The contractor may advise you to call for a checkup if your power bills are higher than usual, you see water around the air handler, your AC or furnace runs all the time, your AC can't keep you cool, or your furnace can't keep you warm. They may also advise you to report unusual sounds and odors so your equipment can be checked and repaired before damage is done to the parts.

For more information, contact an HVAC company near you.