Repairing Your AC’s Refrigerant Leak

Your air conditioning unit is one of your most important appliances, and it will experience intense use during the hot summer months. However, it can develop various problems that could compromise its performance, and one of the most common issues is refrigerant leaks.  What Are The Common Causes Of Refrigerant Leaks? There are many different potential causes of refrigerant leaks. Corrosion and wear are two of the most common causes of these leaks. Read More 

Why AC Motors Sometimes Overheat

An air conditioner (AC) uses motors to convert electricity into kinetic energy (motion). The motion runs fans that circulate air in the house and help move refrigerants between the inside and outside AC components. These motors operate best within specific temperature ranges. Overheating can damage motors or lower their efficiency. Below are common causes of overheating of AC motors. Clogging The motor has several moving parts, such as the belt and rotor. Read More 

Things To Discuss With Your Contractor After Getting A New HVAC System Installed

If you're planning to get a new HVAC system soon, the contractor who installs the equipment will be a good source of information about how to operate and care for your equipment. You'll want an owner's manual, too, so you can refer to it in the coming years for information on troubleshooting and care. Here are some things you might want to ask the HVAC contractor after they install your new equipment. Read More 

Issues That Could Impact Your AC System’s Performance

There are many repairs that a homeowner will have to oversee during the time that they live in their house. However, problems with the AC unit can be especially troubling due to the fact that this could rapidly cause the home's interior to become extremely hot.  Refrigerant Leaks A refrigerant leak in your AC unit will be able to severely impair its performance as this can directly reduce the overall cooling ability of the system. Read More 

3 Benefits Of Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Understanding the advantages of professional duct cleaning is key for integrating it into your routine home maintenance. Dust and other contaminants in your ductwork can have a bigger impact on your home than you realize. Here are three benefits of residential air duct cleaning that homeowners should remember. 1. Prevent Mold Growth in Your Ducts Unfortunately, mold is drawn to dark and damp environments like your ductwork. Mold growing in ducts can remain hidden for an extended period of time until enough mold is present to produce a musty odor. Read More