Year-Round Energy Savings From Trees

If you are looking for a way to reign in your heating costs, you may think that you have to go out and find the most technologically advanced, energy-efficient equipment that you can find. This is not a bad idea; it is also not a cost-saving idea. Replacing heating and cooling costs with financing costs does not necessarily free up room in your budget. However, if you start by upgrading your landscaping, you may be able to make room in your budget for newer equipment. Read More 

Signs You Might Need A New Furnace This Winter

With the cold weather hitting soon, it's a good idea to make sure your furnace is in tip top condition. You don't want to put off fixing a problem and then end up in a freezing cold house. That is uncomfortable and will create an emergency heating situation where you'll have to hire a HVAC contractor to come in on a moments notice, which will be expensive. So, if your furnace is exhibiting any of the following problems, you should bring in a heating repair tech, rather than wait until your furnace breaks down. Read More 

How To Replace A Central Air Condensate Pump

If you have a central air system that has stopped cooling, or you find puddles of water around the unit, check the condensate pump. A condensate pump is an important safety component as it removes condensation through a pipe, and it will shut off before the water damages the unit. Replacing a condensate pump doesn't require advanced HVAC skills. Here are tips to replace an HVAC condensate pump. Prepare to Work Read More 

How Regular Maintenance Can Help You Save On AC Repairs

Most homeowners have heard that they need to have an HVAC technician check out their cooling system before the start of warm weather season each year. However, if you're like most people, paying for a service call when your system seems to be working fine might seem like an unnecessary expense. Nothing could be further from the truth. Making sure to schedule that annual cooling system maintenance call can not only help make sure that your system keeps you cool and comfortable all season, but can even save you money in the long run. Read More 

Air Conditioning Refrigerant Issues: How To Tell If You Need More Refrigerant, How To Fill It And What Costs To Expect

Most homeowners typically assume that any refrigerant in a central air conditioner is endless. Actually, it is not. Depending on the make, model, size and age of your central air unit, the refrigerant could last a couple years or it might last ten summers. It may also dissipate faster if you live in a state where it is fairly hot and uncomfortable all year round. The following helpful hints will alert you to when you need more refrigerant in your air conditioner, how to fill it, and what costs to expect. Read More