Tips For Homeowners Using Duct Cleaning AC Services

As air conditioning units have gradually progressed over the years, more AC services have become available to homeowners with these units. One that's certainly impactful is duct cleaning, a service that can help you maintain cooling efficiency. If you take these steps, having this service completed by an AC company won't be difficult. Cover Furniture up Prior to Cleaning When your ducts are cleaned by a professional company, a lot of dirt and debris can get stirred up. Read More 

5 AC Myths That Can Cost You

Certain home air conditioning myths can cost big money in terms of reduced efficiency, poor cooling, and maintenance issues. Knowing the myths can help you avoid a costly mistake. 1. Cranking Down the Thermostat Cools More Quickly Walking into a hot house can be miserable, but turning the thermostat down all the way won't cool the house more quickly. All it does is increase the chances that it will be forgotten and left at the lower temperature for a long time, thus leading to an over-cooled house and increased energy usage bill. Read More 

What To Know About Using A Dual Heating System For Your New Home

Are you building a home in an area without natural gas and need to find a way to heat the home effectively? It may be worth looking into a dual heating system that utilizes electric and propane heat to maximize your energy efficiency. Use A Heat Pump As The Primary Heating Method A dual heating system means that you will have a primary method to heat your home, which will likely be with a heat pump that is run off of electricity. Read More 

Should You Install A Furnace In Your Attic?

Attic furnace installation is a possibility that can provide many benefits. It's important to know the pros and cons before going with this option, though. Benefits There are quite a few benefits when it comes to furnace installation in your attic, particularly in homes with larger attics with full-size access points. Easier Access If your home only has a small crawlspace, it may be difficult to access the furnace if it is installed in that location. Read More 

5 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Heat Pump

Your heat pump is responsible for keeping your home's heating system working correctly. Your heat pump helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, there are steps you can take to improve the overall efficiency of your heat pump. Way #1: Check the Airflow First, you will want to check the airflow and ensure that air is flowing through the system smoothly. Next, you will want to ensure that all the grills throughout your home are open so that air can flow properly into your home. Read More