Talking About Furnace Maintenance and Repairs

Mindful Parent: Recognize Exam Stress & Help Fight It With An AC Install

Stress can affect those both young and old. And for your young student, exam time might be a stressful time. The following guide will show you how to recognize stress and will help you deal with mild exam stress by using an AC system. Signs of Exam Stress Stress is a defense mechanism, which triggers the brain to produce cortisol. Cortisol is usually referred to as the stress hormone. This hormone is released to help the body deal with a stressful situation. Read More 

3 Reasons To Replace Your Aging Furnace

Buying a new furnace is a great idea, mostly because it can benefit you in all manner of ways. Lowered energy consumption, improved air quality, and fewer costly repairs are just a few reasons to consider buying a new furnace. Fewer Costly Repairs One of the biggest reasons to replace your furnace with a new one is if your current furnace has been requiring frequent repairs. As your furnace gets old, these repairs are simply going to become more common, and eventually you are going to end up spending more on all of your repairs than you would have if you had simply purchased a new furnace. Read More 

Four Ways to Make a Portable Air Conditioning Unit More Efficient

Are you worried that the portable air conditioning unit in your home is consuming too much electricity? You probably should be -- overall, a portable air conditioner is usually the least effective way to cool a home. Still, there are some situations in which they can be necessary, and there are ways to improve upon their efficiency. 1. Pay Attention to the Venting A portable air conditioning unit has to be able to vent warm air well. Read More 

4 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your New Central Air System

If you've just invested thousands of dollars in the installation of a new central air system, you may be concerned about its maintenance. A good central air system should last anywhere from twenty to thirty years -- as long as it is properly maintained and repaired. 1. Use Better Filters In Your Central Air System It's not always enough to just replace the filters frequently; you also need to use good filters. Read More 

3 Methods For Insulating A Temporary Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioning systems don't always form a perfect seal with the surrounding window. This means that some of the cold air ends up outside while some hot air comes inside. Spray expandable foam is a great way to fix this problem, but is a mess to remove. So direct application of the foam isn't a great idea for window units that will only be in the window for part of the season. Read More