Talking About Furnace Maintenance and Repairs

Too Much Dust? You May Need an Air Conditioner Service

As you clean up around your house, you may start to notice more dust on your surfaces than usual. While some dust is to be expected, it can begin to significantly increase if you have a problem with your air conditioning system. If you have an issue with your air conditioner, you may need to have it serviced to ensure there are no issues that are causing the excessive dust buildup. Read More 

Improving Your Home With An Air Conditioning System

An air conditioning system can be a vital piece of modern technology for keeping a home comfortable. Unfortunately, older homes will typically lack this type of feature, and this can make it harder to effectively keep the home's interior cool in the summer. Misinformation about air conditioning systems can further complicate the process of adding this type of appliance to a home. Myth: Older Homes Can Not Support A Central Air Conditioning System Read More 

Keeping Your Air Conditioning From Freezing Up

Air conditioners that are not maintained properly can start to have system issues, and one of those issues involves the condenser coil inside the air conditioner. The coil can freeze while the air conditioner is running and if it does, the unit will not cool the air passing through it. How can you avoid air conditioner freeze ups? There are some simple things you can do that can help lessen the chance of your AC unit freezing up. Read More 

4 Ideas To Add Cooling To Your Home If You Have Radiant Heating And No AC

If you have a radiant heating system to keep you warm in winter, the summer months can be miserable without an AC. There are many options that you may want to consider to make your home more comfortable during the hot months with cooling systems that do not require the complete installation of a conventional forced-air AC. Some of these options include radiant cooling, evaporative combo systems, or compact AC solutions with ductless or compact duct systems. Read More 

3 Tips For Better Water Heater Installation

Hot water is something that modern homeowners cannot live without. If you have noticed that your hot water supply seems to be insufficient or that your water heater is aging, it may be time to invest in a new model. Installing a water heater seems like it should be a straightforward process, but there are some important tips to keep in mind if you want your water heater to run safely and efficiently in the future. Read More